We now have compelling evidence of a need to reinvent the way buildings are built. The challenge is to enter into conversations and actions that will produce a built environment that enhances a  sustainable, fulfilling and just human presence on the planet. 

We at WGA recognize the current prescriptive and performance protocols as necessary first steps for reconnecting with Earth's evolutionary process. While it is important to recognize that technology will have a role in the building industry's future, how we use that technology is critically important. And how we use that technology will depend on our vision for the world we create by our actions. 

No matter what we individually believe and how we live our lives, we will share the same future.  We can create a shared vision of that future that becomes the basis of our work together. 

Diagram for Carbon Neutral Housing, 
Highlands Center, Cape Cod National Seashore

Designed with ICON architecture, inc.